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Cinnamon tea cakes. These cute little cupcake-type things are so easy to whip up, and for me, bring back memories of classmates wanting to swap them for whatever awesome thing their mum had packed in their lunch that day.

Wikipedia tells me that a tea cake is defined as follows:

A quick and easy cake to make, typically ready to serve warm from the oven in less than 30 minutes. Ingredients usually consist of always available ingredients in the kitchen cupboard and they are typically flour, eggs, butter, cinnamon and sugar. It is traditionally served warm as an accompaniment to tea.

So that gives you a bit of an idea about what these are. Simple recipe, easy to make, and fast to whip up. I can just imagine having unexpected guests (in my head, I’m living in Jane Austen’s world – pretty dresses and all!) and whipping up a batch…

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Russian Tea Cakes

I had to re-blog this one! These seem like they would be the perfect addition to Milk-Tea White Russians!

See the full recipe here ❤

Frugal Hausfrau

Here’s another of my very favorite cookies, and surprise, it’s yet another “Classic” recipe. But I’m sure you’ll believe me when I say I make the BEST tea cakes. Absolutely the BEST tea cakes. They’re tremendous. No one else can make tea cakes like me…

Russian Tea Cakes Russian Tea Cakes

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Cardamom Saffron Tea Cookies

These look absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to try these this winter ❤

P.S. Check out this great blog for more fabulous recipes like this one!!


Today we celebrated Diwali again. Yes, I know, it’s more than two weeks past the real Diwali, yet we are not done celebrating it yet. This is probably my 4th Diwali celebration this year. This time it was at the Deloitte office. I have been with the firm for just two weeks now, yet, it feels like I have been here always. Friendly welcoming people. This is what you want, right? Speaking for myself –  It’s the people who keeps it worthwhile. 

The Diwali Luncheon was bustling with festive spirit. Most of the partners and senior partners of the firm were all dressed in Indian attire, there were various food stalls, a henna lady was doing henna art in the corner. There was wine and coffee and other drinks served in another corner. It was Diwali Celebration alright. 

Cardamom-Saffron-Tea-Cookies Cardamom-Saffron-Tea-Cookies

I saw a batch of Mexican Wedding Cookies along with…

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Infuse Tea in Holiday Desserts for Delicious Results

Check out this great blog for more tea-inspired recipes !!! ❤


Read 'em and Steep™

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Tis the season for holiday feasts! If you’re like the rest of us, visions of gravy and pie are starting to dance in your head. If you’re hosting any of the meals, or perhaps in charge of bringing dessert, you might be looking for new and impressive desserts to wow the family. We highly recommend you consider incorporating tea in holiday desserts to breathe new life into the boring pumpkin pie routine. Here’s some ideas that will have everyone reaching for seconds.

Make chai the spice in your pumpkin. It’s pumpkin spice season, after all. Try steeping the milk for your pumpkin pie in a high quality, loose leaf chai tea mix. Or consider serving pumpkin chai cake with chia infused cream cheese frosting.
When in doubt, use Earl Grey. When it comes to tea in holiday desserts…

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