The Sweetest Cosmetics on my Vanity

Last month I wrote a post on The Sexiest Cosmetics on my Vanity.  I honestly wasn’t surprised by how many products on my dressing table were labeled using sexual innuendos. In the article I discussed here, Merskin (2007) found that advertising in the beauty industry often uses product variant names inspired by sex and romance. However, she also notes that, more often than not, they use product names inspired by food and beverages to appeal to the “essential components of human survival and desire.”

This is really interesting. Sure, sex probably sells products that are marketed to both men and women, but why use decadent desserts and beverages to market products specifically designed for women. I find this particularly intriguing, because I’m not sure that this approach would be effective for men.


I think the most obvious reason is related to body image issues. Women are constantly bombarded with television and magazine ads featuring the latest fad diets or exercise routines. In terms of body size, the most popular fashion designers seem to ascribe to the idea that less is more. Given this, it is actually pretty brilliant (and maybe a little twisted) that advertisers would use high calorie foods to market cosmetics to women…

With respect to naming products after food and beverages Merskin (2007) writes:

“This suggests that cosmetics companies and advertisers optimize women’s emotional connections with food, particularly desserts and rich beverages, through lipstick in two ways: (1) by symbolically consuming the forbidden fruit and (2) by transforming oneself into the consumable…”

Further….she states that “Rather than directly applying her dessert to her hips (an old saying) a woman can instead “apply” the dessert to her lips.”

Merskin’s (2007) study only examined the product names of lipsticks. In the spirit of Valentines Day and all things sweet ❤ I decided to do a quick inventory of the sweetest cosmetics on my dressing table!

See below a list of some of my favorite dessert inspired products:

Too Faced – Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer


This is my all time favorite bronzer! I usually use this for contouring, it is very matte and bendable. The best part is that it smells like chocolate!

Too Faced Cosmetics are actually pretty on-point when it comes to this marketing strategy. I don’t personally own any of these other products, but I am a little impressed by their creativity here…

I mean, who could resist Chocolate Bon Bons, White Chocolate Chips, (Milk) Chocolate Bars, or Melted Chocolate…and if chocolate isn’t your thing, there is always Sweet Hearts or Sweet Peach!

Buxom – Eye Shadow Bar

I’ve already raved about these eye shadows, but they are definitely at the top of my favorites list. For the sweetest list, the winner here goes to:
*Champagne Buzz*

Laura Geller – Baked Gelato Swirl


Mmmm. I love Gelato! I also love this highlighter. My favorite is Gilded Honey! 

Anastasia Glow Kits

I’ll be honest, these aren’t my favorite highlighters. I only have the Gleam Kit, pictured on the left. They are great quality, I just don’t love these colors on my skin tone. The names are great:
Hard Candy
Anastasia more recently released a Sweets Kit, pictured to the right. Check out these fabulous colors:
Sassy Grape

Now onto
Lip Sticks!
(There are so many…)

Sugar makes some of the most amazing tinted chap sticks. These are definitely a staple on my dressing table in the winter months.
Right now I am loving the colors “Rose” & “Honey

On the top left, Bobbi Brown’sChocolate” has been a winter favorite of mine, lately I’ve been pairing this with Clinique’sBlack Honey” gloss!

The bottom two lipsticks here are by Bite Beauty, and they definitely take the cake for the sweetest lipstick, and possibly cosmetic brand…they at least come in at a close tie with Too Faced.

The lipstick pictured on the bottom left is
Bite Beauty
Amuse Bouche Lipstick; in this product I have tried 

As I was looking at their website, I noticed that every color they have created is named after  a food or beverage!
Here are some of the sweetest colors I found:

Lavender Jam
Sugar Cane
Cotton Candy
Black Truffle

On the bottom left, you will see Bite Beauty Multi Stick in “Macaroon.
There are so many other great names, here are some of the sweetest and most decadent lipsticks I saw from this brand: 

Crème Carmel

I am honestly not sure how much this marketing strategy has influenced my purchase history, but the inventory on my dressing table seems to suggest that it has had some influence. This is just a little food for thought…I always enjoying trying to pull research down from the ivory tower and look at how it applies to my every day life.

That said, I hope you all have the sweetest day today! Whether you’re getting all dolled up for a Valentines Day date with your favorite Black Truffle lipstick or simply enjoying Chocolate Bon Bons and Champagne with your girlfriends-

Don’t forget to treat yourself well! 

Until next time,

Thoughts on Ronda Rich’s “Seductive Flirting”

Every year I re-read What Southern Women Know about Flirting by Ronda Rich. This book has been a staple in my library for the last 9 years! I first read this book the summer before my sophomore year in college (2008) and I have recommended it to almost every woman I have met since.


That summer was also my first time preparing for a sorority recruitment. That year, our brilliant and beautiful recruitment chair recommended this book as a summer reading to prepare for Fall recruitment. There is a whole section in this book about social flirting, which was primarily what we focused on in our workshops….I like to think it helped 🙂

However, beyond college, this book has seen me through so many seasons of life. I feel like every time I read it I learn something new. In addition to social flirting, which applies to how you may interact with strangers, friends, and work colleagues, Ronda Rich also talks about courtship and seductive flirting. I thought, given the nature of this blog, I would share some of her insights here regarding the latter.

In chapter twelve, The Fine Art of Winning his Heart with Red Silk and Black Lace, Rich discusses the importance of lingerie and self-care in seductive flirting.

One of the principal messages in this chapter is the importance of thinking “Beautiful Thoughts.” It all really does start there, doesn’t it? It’s no secrete that confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in another person. Lingerie, in my opinion, is an accessory (and a very important one) that helps facilitate a state of mind.

Rich also discusses the importance of beauty treatments, fragrance, and posture. With regard to beauty treatments, she simply recommends treating yourself well. That is to say, we all should establish a routine of pampering ourselves, whether that is with a bubble bath and glass of wine, or a tea party and lingerie…it is so important to spend time with yourself doing whatever makes you feel pretty. This also means wearing your silk gowns to bed every night, if only, and especially for yourself!
With regard to fragrance…Rich states that it should be a part of your self-care routine, but also a part of the seductive flirting process, as fragrance is a powerful aphrodisiac. She recommends dabbing it on before bed, occasionally spraying your pillows, and layering during the day. Note: Layering a fragrance helps with its lasting power. Layering is also all about the process; pampering yourself with lotion, powder, and then perfume.
My personal favorite is:

Coco Mademoiselle

Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle
You can find the lotion, powder, and perfume here!

Finally, she also stresses the importance of the “Perfect Match!” She writes this with regard to matching lingerie, stating that:
“Matching underneath is just as important as matching on top. When you wear sexy lingerie, you feel sexy. And when you feel sexy, you act sexy. It’s that simple. “

My take away from this chapter is that self-care builds self-love, and self-love builds confidence!! I hope you all decide to check out What Southern Women Know about Flirting, and some of Ronda Rich’s other work.
There really is something for everyone in this book ❤

Until next time,


Lingerie and the Art of Ornamentation. An interview with Prof. Dr. Laurent de Sutter

From the origins of basic undergarments to the Victorian corset and the birth of the gravity defying underwire bra- women have been looking for ways to support, suppress or accentuate the curves for a very long time. The ancient Egyptians wore a band of linen under their diaphanous robes to flatten the bust line, Cretan women invented the corset to create an hour glass waist and the women of ancient Greece, banned from wearing corsets and crinoline, wore the Apodesme instead: a band of fine material tied around the torso for supporting the breasts during movement. The invention of the brassiere, broadly referred to as the bra, liberated women from the pain of the corset, which had proven to cause irrevocable damages to the female well-being over the course of time. It’s been a long road from women’s health to Ermine Cadolle, Agent Provocateur, Carine Gilson and La Perla…

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Nette Rose: Flirty Intimates Handmade in South Africa

Literally Nataly

Nette Rose is a gorgeous handmade intimates brand from South Africa. The brand was founded, designed, and produced by Megan Miller, using local fabric suppliers in Cape Town. In an Elle South Africa article she described how she named her brand “Nette Rose” (pronounced Nettie Rose) after her two “sensational and stylish” grandmothers, Nette, who bought her first pair of fabric scissors, and Rose, who sparked up the idea of Megan going to a fashion academy.

The brand has since reached Europe via Nic and Steff Fitzgerald, two Switzerland-based distributers who are also originally from South Africa. One day, they came across an article about Nette Rose, and in their words “immediately fell in love”. And I am not surprised! They are very happy to support “a young, responsible, South African brand!”

Nette Rose intimates are contributors to the slow fashion movement, handmade in South Africa with “fun, cheek, and a lot of laughs!” something that was a further…

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6 Trendy Boudoir Outfit Ideas to Watch Out For

Boudoir Photography Site

A couple of years back, you could say with much confidence that boudoir was a popular trend. Brides would go out of their way to have surprise gifts for their grooms. Today, it is a norm. Everyone does it. People enjoy it. Any person can have boudoir photography and look awesome. Regardless of your body type, you can still take advantage of various boudoir outfits to suit the occasion. So which trendy ideas can you opt for?

Boudoir Photography Ideas Boudoir Photography

Sexy T-shirt Look

Can you get one of his old white T-shirts? Well, it might as well be the only thing to capture the most out of the photo session. Tie the shirt across your chest to give this sexy, witty look. Match it with a tempting pair of underpants. You can still choose booty shorts for the lower part. It is the perfect outfit for someone who is ready to…

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Lemon Matcha Cake Bites


Thirsty for Tea

These Lemon Matcha Cake Bites are a slightly more sophisticated version of cake balls, which have been all the craze over the last few years.  These truffles are just as easy to make as traditional cake balls, but with some matcha green tea powder, fresh lemon, and white chocolate, these cute little cake bites are transformed from sweet treats to charming one-of-a-kind confections.

I think I’ve gone matcha-crazed lately.  It’s that beautiful, natural green color that I can’t get enough of, especially as Christmas is coming around the corner.  There’s just no “leaf green” shade of green food coloring that can match the beauty, taste, and wholesomeness of matcha green tea.

I’ve made a matcha pound cake here by adding 2 tablespoons of matcha to my favorite pound cake recipe, but the green tea cake can also be made by mixing the same amount of matcha tea powder into a…

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Earl Grey, Chocolate & Marshmallow tart



Hello baking! I have missed you. I was blessed to won an amazing package from The Food Show, courtesy of UltimateOmnoms and decided to make use of some of the amazing products in the box. The instant I saw the Fresh As freeze dried cherries, I knew a marshmallow had to be made (they taste amazing and 100 times better than artificial flavoured store bought marshmallows), and the Paneton Bakery tart shells as well as the Traid Aid chocolate block were exactly what I needed to make this Earl Grey Milk Chocolate & marshmallow tart.

Admittedly the marshmallow was supposed to be raspberry instead of cherry (I didn’t read the packaging properly and assumed raspberries), but the cherries worked just as well. Also, if you haven’t tried Earl Grey and milk chocolate, you must! I adore tea infused chocolates, and this was another winning combination.


I was under a tight time frame…

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