Milk-Tea White Russians <3

I first discovered milk tea a few months ago. I was attending a dessert party with some friends this past fall and wanted to bring something that would go well with pumpkin pie, cookies, crème brulee… and all other sorts of rich and decadent desserts.

My go-to is always tea. It’s hard to go wrong there but then I found a recipe for milk tea! It’s pretty simple, you just steep the tea in milk instead of water…and ta-da!! There isn’t much else that can make you feel cozier than warm milk and cookies.

Since then I have been experimenting with milk tea. So far I have made a milk tea glaze – for tea cakes. And now…Milk-Tea White Russians!

Here is what you will need to master this drink:

  1. The perfect tea maker: You can find it here
  2. Loose leaf tea of your choice
  3. Milk

    Once you have stepped the tea, add 2oz of you milk-tea to the following:

  4. Baileys espresso Crème Liqueur (1.5oz)
  5. Coffee Liqueur (.25oz)
  6. Vodka of choice (.5oz)

Then simply shake and pour over ice!

This drink is such an indulgence! It is also sooo simple to make. My favorite tea to use with this is Tevana’s White Chocolate Peppermint.



Earl Grey (French) 75

This has recently become my favorite cocktail!

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were planning a holiday party. Of course, I feel most in my element when I am hosting a tea party, so I insisted that we have some tea inspired drinks. Having never dabbled with mixology, I looked up some pretty simple recipes and modified them accordingly.

The first drink I made was what I am calling an Earl Grey (French) 75. The classic French 75 has been my all time favorite drink for as long as I can remember. I like that it is fresh, simple, and easy to make. Gin, champagne, lemon juice, sugar (although I often can do without the sugar).

To make this drink with an Early Grey twist:

1) I simply poured  a bottle of gin into a teapot.
2) I then added several Earl Grey tea bags (I used Twinnings) and let it sit a room temperature for a few hours. Note you will want to use 1 teabag per 8oz of gin.
3) I then added the Early Grey infused gin and lemon juice to a shaker.
4) Last step! I poured the mixture into a glass and topped it with champagne! Note that I skipped the sugar 😉

This is such an easy recipe – it would almost be impossible to mess up!