The Duck & Bunny (Providence, RI)

I have been meaning to do a review on the Duck & Bunny tea room since I started this blog. This is one of my favorite places to visit in Providence. I was in town a few weeks ago for a yoga certification and to visit my sister. It was such a busy trip but I am so happy we made time to stop in!


So, we have been here several times, and I usually like to do their Afternoon Tea, which is really reasonably priced! It is only $18 per person and comes with a pot of tea, a beautiful assortment of tea sandwiches, scones, and cute little desserts!

I am a huge fan of the Duck and Bunny scones, so I always have to order those ❤
I’m honestly not a fan of their chocolate raspberry jam, but I love their Devonshire cream!

We also shared a pot of Wild Blueberry Tea, which is a green tea described on the menu as:
“Sweet fresh blueberries create this healthful blend, naturally rich in antioxidants.”

For brunch we ordered a cup of tomato soup paried with The Rachel and Monica Crepe, which has spinach, goat cheese, sundried tomato & the Strawberry and Grilled Pear Salad


The portions are also really generous …so you will likely have a lot of left overs!

All in all, we just can’t get enough of this tea room! You all should definitely make it a point to stop in if you’re visiting. It’s a great spot for tea, a cocktail, dessert, or brunch!

Also – shout out to my little sister, Crystal, and her super
fabulous strawberry champagne hair color ❤

Until next time!


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