Tarte Lippie Lingerie vs. NYX Lingerie

Hi sweet friends!
Sorry that I have been MIA on the blog. I have been preparing a few really fun posts that will go up in the The Tea Room & The Lingerie Closet this week!

So, for those of you who know me, you may know that I have a thing for sexy cosmetic /product names. You can read more on that here: The Sexiest Cosmetics on my Vanity

As such, I have been really dying to try:
Tarte Lippie Lingerie

NYX Linge

I love that both of these brands came out with a lingerie line, and the colors are so appropriate within each line! Both of these products market themselves as a matte lip color. Tarte is described as a lip tint, while the NYX variant is described as a liquid lip stick.

I will go ahead and preface this post by saying that I am already partial to Tarte Cosmetics, however, I wanted to do a comparison of the two seemingly similar products!

So the first thing I noticed was that Tarte’s Lippie Lingerie only offered eight colors. I bought Envy, but the other options were:

NYX’s Lingerie line offered way more options! Specifically, 24 colors. It was honestly a little overwhelming. It was also hard to pick colors since my Ulta doesn’t have samples set up for swatching with this product. I ended up choosing Bedtime Flirt & Silk Indulgent.

The other color options were:
Ruffle Trim
Beauty Mark
Honey Moon
Satin Ribbon
Baby Doll
Lace Detail
French Maid
Cashmere Silk
Dusk To Dawn
Delicate Lust
After Hours
Cabaret Show

In terms of packaging I think I prefer Tarte. I also really prefer the applicator for the Tarte product. I feel like NYX could maybe step up the game with their applicators…for me I had much less precision applying the NYX product on my lips. NYX, however, does have a huge competitive advantage over Tarte here. The NYX Lingeire line is only $6.99 per lipstick, while each Tarte Lippie Lingerie is $24.00.

All in all I prefer Tarte, which is pictured on the right here in Envy. 

This product is just so much more moisturizing, and for me it is really easy to apply. I only wish they had more colors! Here is their spiel on Ulta’s website:

“Slip into something comfortable with this smooth, matte lip tint in au naturel shades. The buildable, full coverage formula features a luscious, lip-loving blend of mango seed, cupuacu and murumuru butters to help firm, hydrate and protect lips as the twist-up tint glides on like a luxe, velvety balm. The non-drying, pillow-soft formula is vegan friendly and comes in a range of soft and deep-toned nudes to take your look from babydoll to boudoir. Vegan friendly.”

From my experience, this product really is everything it claims to be!

Although I wasn’t as in love with the NYX line, I will most likely still re-purchase it because of the low price point and variety of colors. This product has great staying power, however, it just felt a little drying on my lips. It was also more difficult for me to apply. In this photo I am wearing Bedtime Flirt, pictured to the left. Ulta’s description of this product was:

“Slip into something seductive with NYX Cosmetics’ Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick, a weightless liquid lipstick with a plush matte finish. Available in a range of color-kissed nudes, each sultry shade will coat the curves of your lips with irresistibly creamy color.”

So this product doesn’t really claim to be moisturizing, which was the biggest draw back in my opinion. In my review, I’d say these are both accurately advertised. I also think the pros and cons put them on a pretty even playing field.

I know I’ll likely be stocking up on both collections ❤

Until next time!

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