Bootay Bag Review

❤ I’ve been wanting to try this!

Autumn Whewell

Bootay Bag is a monthly underwear subscription service that provides two undies and one bralette for only $13 a month! The option to only receive two undies for $12 is available. Can this get any better?! Shipping is included in the monthly price and items go out the week of the 15th. Bootay bags can also be gifted to loved ones.

Not only is it a great subscription service, they also donate $1 for every photo posted on social media with the hashtag #undermatters to the Melanoma Foundation!


Whats included? You have the option of cheeky panties or thongs in sizes S/M/L – no granny panties allowed. Patterns and fabrics vary, I was gifted two lace undies, one burgundy cheeky and one pale blue thong with lace up detail in the back!

How do they fit? Pretty true to size compared to other retailers. The thong’s material was a little…

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The Sweetest Cosmetics on my Vanity

Last month I wrote a post on The Sexiest Cosmetics on my Vanity.  I honestly wasn’t surprised by how many products on my dressing table were labeled using sexual innuendos. In the article I discussed here, Merskin (2007) found that advertising in the beauty industry often uses product variant names inspired by sex and romance. However, she also notes that, more often than not, they use product names inspired by food and beverages to appeal to the “essential components of human survival and desire.”

This is really interesting. Sure, sex probably sells products that are marketed to both men and women, but why use decadent desserts and beverages to market products specifically designed for women. I find this particularly intriguing, because I’m not sure that this approach would be effective for men.


I think the most obvious reason is related to body image issues. Women are constantly bombarded with television and magazine ads featuring the latest fad diets or exercise routines. In terms of body size, the most popular fashion designers seem to ascribe to the idea that less is more. Given this, it is actually pretty brilliant (and maybe a little twisted) that advertisers would use high calorie foods to market cosmetics to women…

With respect to naming products after food and beverages Merskin (2007) writes:

“This suggests that cosmetics companies and advertisers optimize women’s emotional connections with food, particularly desserts and rich beverages, through lipstick in two ways: (1) by symbolically consuming the forbidden fruit and (2) by transforming oneself into the consumable…”

Further….she states that “Rather than directly applying her dessert to her hips (an old saying) a woman can instead “apply” the dessert to her lips.”

Merskin’s (2007) study only examined the product names of lipsticks. In the spirit of Valentines Day and all things sweet ❤ I decided to do a quick inventory of the sweetest cosmetics on my dressing table!

See below a list of some of my favorite dessert inspired products:

Too Faced – Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer


This is my all time favorite bronzer! I usually use this for contouring, it is very matte and bendable. The best part is that it smells like chocolate!

Too Faced Cosmetics are actually pretty on-point when it comes to this marketing strategy. I don’t personally own any of these other products, but I am a little impressed by their creativity here…

I mean, who could resist Chocolate Bon Bons, White Chocolate Chips, (Milk) Chocolate Bars, or Melted Chocolate…and if chocolate isn’t your thing, there is always Sweet Hearts or Sweet Peach!

Buxom – Eye Shadow Bar

I’ve already raved about these eye shadows, but they are definitely at the top of my favorites list. For the sweetest list, the winner here goes to:
*Champagne Buzz*

Laura Geller – Baked Gelato Swirl


Mmmm. I love Gelato! I also love this highlighter. My favorite is Gilded Honey! 

Anastasia Glow Kits

I’ll be honest, these aren’t my favorite highlighters. I only have the Gleam Kit, pictured on the left. They are great quality, I just don’t love these colors on my skin tone. The names are great:
Hard Candy
Anastasia more recently released a Sweets Kit, pictured to the right. Check out these fabulous colors:
Sassy Grape

Now onto
Lip Sticks!
(There are so many…)

Sugar makes some of the most amazing tinted chap sticks. These are definitely a staple on my dressing table in the winter months.
Right now I am loving the colors “Rose” & “Honey

On the top left, Bobbi Brown’sChocolate” has been a winter favorite of mine, lately I’ve been pairing this with Clinique’sBlack Honey” gloss!

The bottom two lipsticks here are by Bite Beauty, and they definitely take the cake for the sweetest lipstick, and possibly cosmetic brand…they at least come in at a close tie with Too Faced.

The lipstick pictured on the bottom left is
Bite Beauty
Amuse Bouche Lipstick; in this product I have tried 

As I was looking at their website, I noticed that every color they have created is named after  a food or beverage!
Here are some of the sweetest colors I found:

Lavender Jam
Sugar Cane
Cotton Candy
Black Truffle

On the bottom left, you will see Bite Beauty Multi Stick in “Macaroon.
There are so many other great names, here are some of the sweetest and most decadent lipsticks I saw from this brand: 

Crème Carmel

I am honestly not sure how much this marketing strategy has influenced my purchase history, but the inventory on my dressing table seems to suggest that it has had some influence. This is just a little food for thought…I always enjoying trying to pull research down from the ivory tower and look at how it applies to my every day life.

That said, I hope you all have the sweetest day today! Whether you’re getting all dolled up for a Valentines Day date with your favorite Black Truffle lipstick or simply enjoying Chocolate Bon Bons and Champagne with your girlfriends-

Don’t forget to treat yourself well! 

Until next time,

New Years Resolution(s) Check-In

I think 2017 has been off to a fairly good start! With one month down, I wanted to revisit my New Years-Resolutions and do a quick check in.

So…I was pretty ambitious this year with my resolutions. I have listed all eleven of them below:

  1. Authenticity
    • I wrote an entire post on this resolution last month. Without divulging too much here, I’ll simply state that I still have a lot of room for improvement. That said, living a values consistent life is always a work in progress, wherein we should be constantly reevaluating and revising what we are giving priority to in our lives.
  2. Drink my coffee black 2/3 of the time
    • I’m not sure how I should actually be measuring this haha. My bank statements and I do feel really good about the decrease in my latte purchases this month though!
  3. Publish at least two academic articles in 2017
    • Half way there! I just completed a revise and resubmit for the Journal of Psychology and Sexuality. Crossing my fingers for a quick turn around ❤ wish me luck ❤
  4. Teach more classes
    • I am currently teaching a night class. However, I still need to get moving on applications for additional teaching positions next semester… Especially if I plan on sticking to this resolution for the rest of the year 🙂
  5. Start yoga teacher training
    • I just signed up and scheduled my Buti Yoga Certification for 1.5 weeks from now! I am so nervous, but also very excited to learn more about this amazing practice.
  6. Drink more water
    • This is one of my resolutions every. single. year. I feel like I never drink enough water. That said, I know I can do better on this one. Luck for me, February is a new month and a fresh start 🙂
  7. Focus on self-care & stay single, until at-least after May
    • Hmm…All I will say is that I’m feeling really good about this one!
  8. Finish (at-least) 1 new book per month
    • This was an epic fail in January. I started 3 books and didn’t finish any of them…but at-least I started something right? I’m going to try and get through two of these in February to catch myself up for the year!
  9. Clean my floors every Saturday
    • I’ve actually managed to do this every Saturday so far the past month! It is one of my favorite parts of the week now.
  10. Explore my spirituality and be more involved/active in Church.
    • Check!
  11. Start this blog!!!
    • And… Double Check! ❤

That’s all I have for now. I hope you all are having a great start to your year as well!! I may do another check in with you all in the next few months…but I’ll likely still keep up the monthly check-ins with my friends. I don’t know about you all, but I hardly ever stick to my resolutions. I am determined to follow through with each of these this year though!

I totally recommend doing a monthly or quarterly check in within your circle of friends. I feel like it’s been motivating me so far. Plus, I think it is such a great way for all of us to inspire and hold each other accountable ❤

Until next time,